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In this quick video, you’ll find out how people with multiple citizenships, or who conduct business in one country while having their residency in another, can benefit from GreenRock’s modern approach to international investing.



GreenRock Securities Limited

We focus on
international diversification,
outcome oriented portfolio management,
and capital preservation.




Interest rates are at an all time low. Income investors are looking for ways to grow their capital and diversify internationally without taking on excess risk.


Technology is changing quickly, and most financial institutions are slow to catch up. On the other hand, “fintech” is opening up more convenient ways to transact business, but this raises questions about privacy and security.


Government reporting regulations are growing worldwide, and this means more transparency in banking and financial transactions. People with multiple citizenships, or who conduct business in one country while having their residency in another may be viewed unfavourably by traditional financial institutions.



While leveraging digital capabilities with the customized solutions of a private banking model, we provide the personal service of a traditional European family office.

Our primary business focus is comprised of capital management solutions that facilitate participation in both internal and external securities investment opportunities.

We offer our platform with its multi-booking advantages and foreign exchange services, directly to trustees, corporate treasury managers, and other sophisticated global investors.


Modern Tech, Communication & Reporting Capital Management & Investment Accounts Secure Fixed Income Investments With Attractive Returns Extensive International Finance and Lifestyle Experience Wealth Management Services Strong Culture of Compliance



Capital Management Account

Our relationship with you starts with the establishment and funding of a Capital Management Account. From there you can convert capital to other currencies, invest with us or send funds to external investments.

Fixed Income Securities

We offer fixed income securities in various formats

Luxembourg Bonds Debt Notes Preferred Shares

All Secured by Real Property

Wealth Management Services

We provide consulting and the setup of

Financial Structures Companies Self-Directed IRAs Trusts



“Through the consolidation of best-in-class financial services and the management team’s extensive experience in the industries of offshore finance, technology, and investment management, our clients will be provided with a premium quality service to facilitate the addition of international diversification into their investment portfolios.”


Independence Trust Speed Simplicity Compliance Responsibility Service



Craig Keddie, Director

Craig is an innovative, adaptable individual with a global mindset and extensive international work experience. Craig’s widespread travel as an athlete and early career experience working with an international company paved the path to 20+ years of continuous living and working abroad in areas such as Offshore Finance, Technology, Real Estate, and Business Management.

15 Years Business Management 20 Years I.T. 10 Years Offshore Finance 8 Years Real Estate

Certified Anti Money Laundering Specialist
Professional Banker Diploma
Bank Financial Management Diploma from American Bankers Association
Certified Member of The Chartered Bankers Association of Scotland
Member of the Association of Anti-Money Laundering Specialists


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